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  • You are in good hands

    We are compassionate and competent professionals, especially when it comes to people with long-term and severe fear of the dentist. We appreciate your courage and strength in taking the first step by contacting us. Your needs and requirements are the top priority at all times. We clarify everything comprehensively so you will easily understand any risks before any intervention. If necessary, we can perform treatments under general anaesthesia, or sedation.

Wisdom tooth removal

DVT Aufnahme Weisheitszahn 3D Röntgen

Removal / exposure of displaced teeth

Zahnarzt OP Vollnarkose

Lip frenulum transection

Zahnimplantat OP mit Heike Maresch

Oral vestibule plastic surgery

Zahnbehandlung Instrumente

Periodontal surgery

OP Schwester

Teeth implants

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