An inlay (inlay filling) is the best alternative to a normal filling for major dental defects. In contrast to a standard filling which undergoes certain changes when hardening in the mouth, an inlay provides the highest form stability in the long-term.

What is an indirect inlay filling, or ‘inlay’?

As far as an inlay is concerned, it is a dental filling made in one piece. Inlays can be made in a dental laboratory or manufactured using the latest computer technology directly at the patient’s chair. In general, high-quality materials such as gold and ceramic are used for inlays.


Gold provides very long durability due to a perfect marginal fit. It can withstand tough masticatory movement in the back of the mouth and moreover, it is very durable.
Ceramic offers excellent aesthetics and is virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth. It is also very durable and does not react with other materials in the mouth.

Cerec Bluecam

A ceramic inlay can be made either in a dental laboratory using an impression of the teeth or by using a digital impression directly from the patient (CEREC). The dentist scans patient´ s mouth with a special camera. The data can be processed by our dental technician immediately. Therefore, the tooth to be treated can be analysed in one session.