A veneer is a ceramic varnish coating designed to meet high aesthetic requirements in the anterior teeth area. Veneers are the ideal method of treatment, especially with discoloration, structural changes in the enamel or extensive anterior restorations. Even a small misalignment of the teeth can be rectified.

As with crowns, the grinding of a tooth or teeth occurs first. However, this is limited to only one area of a minimal extent (0.3- 0.5 mm). Subsequently, in the CEREC-method described above, the construction and positioning of the veneer follows. Our patients can be included in the design process on the computer upon request.

Using the latest technology and our in-house and expert dental laboratory we can offer you “veneers to go”.

Veneer treatment process

In the past, we first took impressions of your teeth with a silicone-like substance and the dental technician created plaster models with tooth-coloured wax, a simulation of the later treatment outcome, known as the’ wax-up’.

Today we take pictures of your teeth. Then, this data goes automatically to our lab through our network where a dental technician immediately makes it into a computer model – much like in AutoCAD. Once they are finished, they send the construction of our “veneer-printer” – this is a cutting-edge milling machine that “prints out” your veneers in a short time.

The first try follows to see whether or not the veneers fit. If they do, our dental technology expert or a dental technician individualises a colour and a shape.

Last but not least, your dentist applies the veneer and gives it any finishing touches.

Veneers for a beautiful white smile

How many appointments are necessary for the veneer treatment?

We are able to offer you dentures in the form of veneers in just one session.

Wir sind in der komfortablen Lage, Ihnen in nur einer Sitzung Zahnersatz in Form von Veneers anzubieten.