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Dental implants

Zahnimplantat im Schnitt

Dental implants replace your tooth roots. They are inserted into the jawbone or to put it another way implanted into it. Implants grow together with your jaw bone due to good biocompatibility and so can be used and treated like a natural tooth.

Tooth crown


For severely damaged teeth, there is the possibility of tooth-preservation while comprising it physically by means of a crown. For partial crowns, individually destroyed molars are replaced, while healthy areas are recessed to protect the remaining tooth structure.


Vollkeramik Zahnbrücke mit Modell

To make a bridge, teeth either side of a gap due to missing teeth are ground and used as so-called bridge pillars; they are used for the attachment of an intermediate tooth. This can be manufactured from veneered tooth-coloured metal or can be all ceramic. Dental bridges can also be worn when implants are present.


Veneer Keramikverblendschale

Veneer is a ceramic coating used for high aesthetic requirements in the anterior region. Veneers are an ideal method of treatment especially for discoloration, structural changes of enamel or extensive anterior restorations.



An Inlay (inlay filling) is the best alternative to a normal filling for major dental defects. In contrast to the standard filling which undergoes a certain change through hardening in the mouth, an inlay provides the best long-term stability of shape and form.

Implant-supported bridge

total zahnlos Implantate

Fixed crowns and bridges in the edentulous jaws provide the maximum improvement in quality of life. It does not matter whether the lower jaw, the upper jaw or both jaws are affected. There are no effects on taste, or articulation disorders.