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  • To keep your teeth healthy and clean ...

    … we encourage you to come to for a general prevention and control examination regularly, as well as for professional tooth cleaning.

Professional tooth cleaning

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Professional tooth cleaning is a part of preventive measures in order to avoid dental procedures. The main causes of tooth decay and periodontal disease are dental plaque and tartar. Even the most conscientious dental care does not remove stubborn plaque and stains. Unfortunately, regular brushing alone is often not sufficient.

General dental prevention

General dental prevention and check-up examinations are a part of dental preventive measures which help to avoid dental procedures. We recommend that you go for dental examinations regularly, once or twice a year depending on the condition of your teeth. Teeth are carefully examined for dental caries and diseases of the oral cavity during the check-up, and an X-ray picture may be taken.

Periodontal disease check-up & therapy

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One of the most common diseases amongst the population as far as the teeth are concerned is periodontal disease – often called periodontitis. The majority of the adult population is affected. About 3 out of 4 adults suffer from it throughout their lives – many without knowing it. More information can be found in the sections on Periodontitis treatment, Cleaning, Deep-scaling, Lasers and Dent-coat.

  • Caries

    If caries has attacked your teeth, there are different ways to maintain them – from an amalgam filling to aesthetic solutions, such as ceramic fillings, inlays, and colour shades and veneers to match the colour of your teeth.

  • In cases of advanced caries, bacteria can penetrate ...

    … the gums and cause an often painful inflammation of the nerves and blood vessels. In such cases, the tooth is usually very sensitive to hot or cold drinks and also when biting. If you know this feeling, you might avoid chewing on the affected side.
    If the tooth is not treated quickly, the inflammation can cause severe swelling of the cheek (abscess) and inflammation germs can spread into the surrounding tissue. In the past, a diseased tooth like this would have been quickly removed. Today, in order to preserve the tooth, a root canal treatment is performed. Equally, however, the treatment of the remaining root fragment may be required due to a fracture or trauma to the tooth.