• Performance and treatment overview of our dental clinics

    Our treatment spectrum includes, among others, general dental treatment, dental surgery, professional teeth cleaning, comprehensive root and gum treatments, as well as dental implants and the production of dental prostheses in our own expert run dental laboratory which is a part of our practice. An example of our modern technical equipment are our dentures “to go” – a digital impression technique. We are able to complete the dentures using our computer system in just one sitting. Therefore you need not be afraid of any choking, irritation or other inconveniences during the treatment. We also offer many other techniques to make the treatment as gentle as possible. We are compassionate and competent professionals, especially when it comes to people with long-term and severe fear of the dentist. We appreciate your courage and strength in taking the first step by contacting us. Your needs and requirements are the top priority at all times. We clarify everything comprehensively so you will easily understand any risks before any intervention. If necessary, we can perform treatments under general anaesthesia, or sedation.

  • Our treatment spectrum in bullet points

I would like to keep my teeth looking good

Professional teeth cleaning
Root canal treatment
Periodontitis treatment
Tooth bag cleaning
Functional analysis
Control screening

I would like premium fixed dentures

Dental implants
-Implant-supportive supplies
-3D navigation & drilling templates
Inlays, overlays and partial crowns
-Single crowns

I would like removable dentures

Partial dentures
Total prosthesis
Provisional clip prosthesis

Telescopic crowns
Conical crowns

I need dental surgery

Wisdom tooth removal
Dental implants
Dental fear
General anaesthesia

I want brighter teeth

Professional teeth cleaning
Bleaching (teeth whitening)
Teeth jewellery
Ceramic fillings

I would like straight teeth

Functional analysis
Functional therapy
CMD (craniomandibular dysfunction) rails
Snore rails
Sports mouth guards

I would like a 3D X-ray

I would like to get rid of a toothache

I would like to speak better

Lip frenulum therapy

I would like to stop amalgam

I would like to lose my fear of the dentist

I would like to stop bad breath

I would like a second opinion

I would like a dentist price comparison

I would like to be able to eat steaks again

I would like to make an appointment

I would like a consultation

I would like to see some before / after photos

I want to get tips for home

I would like to eat hot and cold food

I would like to work for you