Piezosurgery – gentle and precise
Piezosurgery is a surgical procedure performed by using ultrasound. When using this method, the bone – compared to other conservative treatment options -can be processed very gently, and soft tissue remains completely untouched, as it does not react to sound vibrations. Injuries to the surrounding nerves and blood vessels can be avoided using this method.

Piezosurgery and laser
In combination with laser technology, precision Piezosurgery means a very gentle method of implantation. The application of a laser enables the partial or even complete exclusion of the use of a scalpel during surgery. This progressive form of surgery also promotes optimum healing and significantly reduces the pain which normally occurs after a surgical operation of this kind.

Benefits for you as a patient
The method of Piezosurgery allows our team to treat a very selective area of tissue so that the bone tissue can be cut with almost no pressure. This very precise and non-traumatic handling of the bone means the wound can heal faster and better. In addition, post-operative pain can be largely avoided and the risk of a painful wound infection is significantly reduced.

zahnärztliche Chirurgie

This method provides an immense advantage over traditional surgical instruments such as drills and saws for many surgical procedures as it enables the selective treatment of tissue. Bone tissue can be cut with almost no pressure on the adjoining soft tissue, even if it comes into contact with the instruments. This means the adjacent blood vessels are protected as much as possible. Reduced vascular injuries mean less post-operative swelling, faster healing and a minimised risk of wound infection.

Using this technique, the risk of injury to nerves or their displacement or decompression can be significantly reduced as well. In implant surgery, Piezosurgery offers maxillary sinus floor augmentation (also known as “sinus lift”), a non-traumatic alternative to conventional drilling technology which significantly reduces the likelihood of injury to the maxillary sinus mucosa.

As life expectancy increases, bone deficits due to periodontitis or invasive processes can become an increased obstacle to the desire for fixed dental prosthesis. By means of Piezosurgery, you can get gentle bone transplants which can then replace the lost bone permanently.

In addition, Piezosurgery is applied daily in our practice within the treatment of infected root tips. In cases where the inflammation has already penetrated the jaw bone or when a conventional (“anterograde”) root canal filling by a dentist is not possible because of dental condition, the root tip must be surgically removed. It is crucial for the prognosis of the tooth to make both the root reduction and bone resection as gentle as possible. In ideal cases, it results in a wound area of just 3 millimetres in diameter! If it is evident upon inspection of the root tip that the root canal is not closed sufficiently and there is a threat of the re-ignition of the root tips, the channel should be prepared and sealed from the operated side (known as “retrograde root canal treatment”). In order to be able to perform this in a micro surgical approach, special angled instruments are required. These may not be rotating, but controlled by ultrasonic vibration. Piezosurgery applies in this case once again.