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Welcome to Zahn & Art – the dental clinic of Maresch, Bochmann Henze – your competent team for a perfectly happy dental treatment.

You will find our offices in Dresden, as well as in Ostrau. The stylish ambience of our two dental clinics ensures a trusting atmosphere from the beginning.

A team of over 20 competent members offers you a professional and personal level of care. This is complemented by highly modern, technical equipment, from the 3D-XRay to the treatment laser. We give our patients a fully comprehensive range of treatments in all specialist areas.

Our services include general dental treatment, dental surgery, professional dental cleaning, comprehensive root and gum treatments, dental cover as well as dental implants and the manufacture of dental prostheses in our in-house, professionally run dental laboratory.

The tooth replacement “to go” is one example of the use of our modern technical equipment. Through the digital impression technology we are able to complete dentures in the computer-aided procedure within only one day. Gag reflex or other inconveniences are nothing to worry about.

In addition we offer many more techniques to make the treatment as gentle as possible. For people with long and pronounced dental fear, we offer a compassionate and competent service. We appreciate the courage to overcome dental fear.

Your needs and requirements are the main focus for us.  For example, before every intervention we clarify risks comprehensively and ensure your full understanding.

If necessary, we perform treatment under general anesthesia or sedation. Our facilities include a free Wi-Fi network, as well as a hi-fi system in each treatment room, where you can set the tone. Enjoy your favorite music rather than having to endure annoying handling noise.

Our practice treats cash and private patients alike. We are open until 20:00 and on Saturdays until noon.

In addition to our professional business, we are also engaged in social and cultural areas. We support social projects such as the Dresdner “Tafel”, the Youth’s Fund “Jugend, Arbeit, Bildung” and of course, as former athletes, with various sports clubs.

We also give various artists the opportunity to exhibit and sell their work in our dental clinic.

The Gemeinschaftspraxis Maresch Bochmann Henze stands for high-quality work from Germany and a comprehensive service. We are proud to have treated a large number of patients with the highest satisfaction and look forward to welcoming you.

Convince with your smile!

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